Is the US Economy Getting Better?

Despite the rosy spin that our government is putting on the US economy getting better, are facts pointing at a scenario of continued struggle, with some rocky times ahead? Printing trillions of dollars has temporarily pushed stocks to an all-time high, and the reported unemployment rate has dropped to under eight percent. But is this […]

Eight Tips for Building a Successful Cash Flow Business

The note business is truly an amazing market. As with any business, there is a learning curve involved with consistently making the largest profits possible with the smallest amount of effort. So, to ensure that you close the most deals possible, follow these eight simple guidelines: Tip #1: Build relationships, not one-time deals. Regardless of […]

Germany Lotto – The Real Way to Pick 6-49

Germany Lotto has remained literally unchanged since it was first introduced to the country – and that is great news for many of its patrons. This means that there are winning patterns that have already been set, and the only thing to do is for you to discover what those patterns are. And you can […]

Five Card Draw

Basic rules At a 5 Card Draw table can play from 2 to a maximum of 6 players in the same time. There are two blinds in the Card game: the small blind and the big blind, which must be automatically bet by the players in these positions. The small blind position is the first […]