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Louis Common. Teail Physician Don Kelly has examin- ed the knee and says there is no evidence that any surgery is ne- cessary. While new methods have reduced the number of some of the familiar jobs held by women in the last war, they also have opened other fields. United States warships smash- ed Communist attempts to re- mine Wonsan harbor.

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Harry Snyder were hostesses at the morninii coffee which the N. Simpson weeplngly com- plained to a neighbor that she was sick and "that Bjownle does not know how sick. Cyprus lumber and building material. Starrett, Norm Lewter, and Jim Rliey. Jane 3 S. Mohammed Mossadegh. Manager Leo Durocher says he will play Mays in center field tonight at Philadelphia.

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Further announcements on the details of the program and athletic contest will be made In the near future. Top averoge. Hickenlooper, R. Built to bear hansoms and carts, it has absorbed the pum- mellng of machines with never a quiver. Beautiful two- tone gray a perfect buy I Duty Paid.

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Beach, cottoges. Is starkly shown to be an unfit 'iCJuagereSel8Ubrt0den,ed an alimony re-! Fulbrlght questioned Bradley 1st length about the situation in Korea last fall when the Chinese Communists threatened to push United Nations forces off the peninsula. Joseph Sorensen. Pass 3 N. They had been held in a prison camp near the Manchurlan border after their capture, marched to Pyongyang in March, then mys- teriously sent farther south to Chnchon. Come on out and bring any prospective Summiteer. It soot he protects!

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